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Lancaster Driving Lessons

Lancaster Driving Lessons is a leading Lancaster driving instructor. Offering driving lessons in Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham, Carnforth, Lancaster University and outlying areas. Don't forget to check out the costs for some superb special offers. Lancaster Driving Lessons can help with people preparing for their driving test (theory and practical) whether you have never driven before or maybe you have just failed a test Lancaster Driving Lessons will help you achieve your goals. Here at Lancaster Driving Lessons we also look after people who have already passed the test. With the rising cost of fuel Lancaster Driving Lessons can help you reduce your fuel consumption by making your driving more eco friendly. Lancaster Driving Lessons also supports the rapidly increasing use of black boxes in cars for insurance purposes - you will be paying premiums for how you drive not for how others of a similar age, location, etc drive. With some simple steps we can help you reduce your premiums by reducing the chances of having an accident.


Lancaster Driving Instructor

Chris started training to become a driving instructor in 2001, and started work in December 2001 with BSM. After 2years with BSM in Lancaster he was made their senior instructor, which involved helping assess new potential driving instructors, raising concerns raised by other instructors at the center and also being observed teach by trainee instructors.

Due to developments within BSM, Chris decided to leave the franchise in December 2005 and set up as an independent instructor as he felt he could offer more to his students this way. Ever since he has been developing his teaching skills and looking to improve the experience of learning to drive.

Chris is always looking for the latest and best training methods to aid his students in a positive manner.

Learn to Drive

Outside driving, Chris spends a lot of time round martial arts. He has been practicing karate since the age of 10, and as been helping teach karate since the age of 14.

He is now an integral part of the club he learned at, (St. Martins Junior Karate Club) and as also set up his own club in Carnforth (Carnforth Karate Club).

Always looking to maintain and improve standards, Chris has set up his own karate group with this is mind (Traditional Wado Ryu Union).

Chris uses many methods his has picked up in teaching karate and driving as tools to teach both skills as their is a lot of similar based skills involved (coordination, awareness, anticipation, planning and reactions).