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Lancaster Driving Lessons

Lancaster Driving Lessons is a leading Lancaster driving instructor. Offering driving lessons in Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham, Carnforth, Lancaster University and outlying areas. Don't forget to check out the costs for some superb special offers. Lancaster Driving Lessons can help with people preparing for their driving test (theory and practical) whether you have never driven before or maybe you have just failed a test Lancaster Driving Lessons will help you achieve your goals. Here at Lancaster Driving Lessons we also look after people who have already passed the test. With the rising cost of fuel Lancaster Driving Lessons can help you reduce your fuel consumption by making your driving more eco friendly. Lancaster Driving Lessons also supports the rapidly increasing use of black boxes in cars for insurance purposes - you will be paying premiums for how you drive not for how others of a similar age, location, etc drive. With some simple steps we can help you reduce your premiums by reducing the chances of having an accident.


Lancaster Driving Lessons - Downloads

There will soon be some help on here regarding theory test revision.

The full terms and conditions for Lancaster Driving Lessons are available for anyone to download, a summary of these will be handed to you on your 1st lesson. Continuing lessons with Lancaster Driving Lessons is acceptance of these terms and conditions. A full copy can be given to you on request.

There is a nice article on the independent driving for those who are unsure what it entails. Also there is a copy of the Vehicle Safety Questions.

Statistically you are more likely to have an accident in the first 2years of driving than at any other time. Hopefully this will not happen to you but if it does here is a nice information sheet about what to do in the event of an accident.

Lancaster Driving Lessons - Links

 Below is a list of useful links related to driving and learning to drive.

To get information or apply for license, theory test or practical test use the website. It is the only official place to book your tests from.

For the Driving Standards Agency whose role is to promote safe driving for life click here.

For information on driving license or vehicle licenses please visit the DVLA.

The Highway Code is always a useful source of information for road users.

If your interested in a new or used Hyundai i20 then DSG in Morecambe is the areas local specialist. For car repairs Ajax motors in Lancaster are trustworthy and reliable.

Applications and disks for the theory test are supplied by Focus Multimedia - but you may be able to source them cheaper elsewhere (same product).